Over 1.2 Million Nonwhite Invaders Have Entered Europe in 8 Months

Over 1.2 million nonwhite invaders from all over the Third World have entered Europe in the first eight months of 2015, analysis of official European Union (EU) data has revealed.
This figure is calculated by totalling up statistics released by the official EU data agency, Eurostat. These figures also show that during the second quarter of 2015, only 20 percent of the invaders claimed to be “Syrian”—making a lie of the claims that this invasion is the result of “war refugees.” Furthermore, with thousands of fake papers in circulation, even this figure is questionable.

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After parroting Monsanto talking points, Washington Post now covers up organ harvesting of babies

(NaturalNews) The Washington Post, a legacy newspaper of the mainstream media Left, has long been a shill for the world’s biggest biotechnology company, Monsanto, which is king of the GMO industry.As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health…

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Good Hearts, Fooled Minds: Top 4 Fallacies Of The Hijacked Environmental Movement

The Hijacked Environmental Movement: are you getting green-washed?
The hijacked environmental movement is a symptom of the current general, collective state of humanity: good hearted but ignorant. Kind hearted but hoodwinked.

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