Hillary Clinton’s Rabid Anti-Gun Obsession

By Brandon Turbeville Hillary Clinton has long been a rabid anti-gun fanatic. Stemming back from her years in her husband’s abysmal administration where she helped…

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Manufacturing nightmares: an example of misusing climate science

By Larry Kummer, Editor of the Fabius Maximus website Summary: Scientists and journalists bombard us with news about the coming climate catastrophe, described as certain unless we drastically change our economy.

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ALERT: Syngenta now patenting natural plant foods produced without GMO technology

(NaturalNews) Biotech companies such as Syngenta and Monsanto have more on their agendas than simply peddling poisonous GMO Frankenfood technology to us; they want to own and control the entire food supply, both genetically modified and…

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Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

It is clear that Janet Yellen is holding her tongue on raising interest rates, and the Federal Reserve is effectively propping up the stock market in the meantime.

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Hillary Clinton Promotes Jewish Religious Violence

Bob Johnson – Hillary Clinton inadvertently demonstrates how her attitude towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict encourages more religious violence on the part of Israel against the Palestinian people.

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Willie Nelson’s Crusade Against ‘Big Pot’

Willie Nelson is dead set against agri-business farming and production methods ruining his supply of marijuana so he’s taking on “Big Pot,” as New York Magazine calls it:
…Nelson is gearing up for a different battle.

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